Microspeed Trackball Incompatible with MS-DOS Shell (75227)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0a

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The Microspeed Trackball driver version 2.1e or earlier may cause problems when running with MS-DOS Shell. During the MS-DOS version 5.0 installation, you may get the following message:

Mouse Driver is outdated and may cause problems to the system if not updated.


The Microspeed Trackball PPR device driver does not work correctly within MS-DOS Shell. To solve this problem, try one of the following:

    Install the device driver as a two-button mouse.
    Use MS-DOS Shell in 25-line graphics, low-resolution mode. To force Shell into this mode, type the following when starting Shell:


    NOTE: If you use Shell in text mode, the driver may cause Shell's text to be the same color as the background screen color.
    If you are using a serial or PS/2 Trackball and still have graphical or operational problems with the Microspeed PPR driver with Shell, load the Microsoft Mouse driver MOUSE.COM instead of the Microspeed PPR driver.

    Windows users should refer to the document file named UNPACK.DOC on Microspeed's PPR disk for additional information on using and installing MOUSE.COM.

    If you have the PDA Bus Card, refer to the Windows installation sheet, section 2.0, that came with the Trackball. It has information on how install the PDA Bus Card with the Microsoft Mouse driver.

    If you have the PDA bus version, be sure you have PPR software version 2.1D or 2.1E to use the Microsoft Mouse driver.

    If you have the Bus Interface Card (BIC) that came with PPR version 2.2A, you can use the Microsoft Mouse driver.
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