Saving Files over the Network on Novell v2.15 (75232)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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If your application reports that there is not enough space on the network drive to save the files you are accessing via Novell NetWare, verify that there is enough space available on the network drive. If there is, try setting the following line in the SHELL.CFG file and restart the network:


The SHELL.CFG file is a NetWare configuration file used to define configuration options for the NetWare shell components IPX, NET5, and Net BIOS. It should be located in the start-up directory of the network shell programs. Many network installations do not have a SHELL.CFG present as a default; in this case, you can create one using any nonformatting text editor.

For information on cachebuffers option and other SHELL.CFG options, see the "NetWare Supervisor Reference Guide."

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