Using Search Master CD-ROM Software with MS DOS 5.0 (75361)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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According to Matthew Bender's technical support, several customers have reported the following error when using Matthew Bender's Search Master software with MS-DOS version 5.0:

CDR 103 Error: Not of High Sierra Format or ISO 9960 Format
The error is caused by using outdated versions of the Microsoft CD-ROM extensions. Matthew Bender recommends using version 2.2, the most current version of the CD-ROM extensions, to eliminate the error.


Based on licensing agreements with OEMs (original equipment manufacturers), the Microsoft CD-ROM extensions are not available directly from Microsoft. Instead, they are distributed to OEMs and bundled with their CD-ROM drive packages. Customers must contact their drive manufacturers to obtain the current MSCDEX.EXE. Version 2.03 is the most commonly found release, and version 2.10 is expected within the next couple months. Search Master provides the ability to search an entire compact disk for specific words. It is usually invoked via the file MBSEARCH.BAT, which in turn executes MB.EXE. Before Search Master can work correctly, both the CD-ROM driver and the extensions should be current and working correctly.

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