Create a Bootable Floppy Disk Without Running Setup (75419)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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You can create a bootable MS-DOS version 5.0 floppy disk without running the Setup program.

If there are problems running Setup, this method can be used to continue a manual installation of the Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade. For more information on manual installation, query on the following words:

manual and install and MS-DOS and 5.00 and upgrade


To create a bootable MS-DOS 5.0 floppy disk from the Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade disks, do the following:

    Use the DISKCOPY command from the current version of MS-DOS to copy all of the files from the first Upgrade disk to the new floppy disk.

    There must be a direct match between the new floppy disk, the Upgrade disks that were received, and the bootable floppy drive on the machine. For example, if the Upgrade disks are low-density 5.25-inch disks, then a low-density 5.25-inch disk must be used for the boot up disk and the bootable floppy drive must be 5.25-inch. (This procedure copies the boot sector onto the new floppy disk.)
    Delete all of the files on the new disk with the following command:
          del a:*.*

    Create a temporary directory on the hard drive. For example, BOOT.
          md boot

    Copy the file EXPAND.EXE to the temporary directory just created using the following command:
          copy a:expand.exe c:\boot
    Note: EXPAND.EXE is on disk 6 (5.25-inch disks) or disk 3 (3.5-inch disks).
    Copy the three files listed here from the Setup disk included with the MS-DOS 5 Upgrade into the temporary directory created in step 3:
          copy a:io.sy_ c:\boot
          copy a:msdos.sy_ c:\boot
          copy a:command.co_ c:\boot
    Note: These files must be copied in the order listed.
    From the temporary directory, expand each of the three files onto the new floppy disk:
          expand c:\boot\io.sy_ a:io.sys
          expand c:\boot\msdos.sy_ a:msdos.sys
          expand c:\boot\command.co_
This new floppy disk is now bootable with MS-DOS 5.0.

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