Sperry XDISK.SYS Is Incompatible with MS-DOS 5.0 (75461)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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According to Unisys technical support, the Sperry XDISK.SYS driver does not work with MS-DOS 5.0.


The XDISK.SYS disk driver, manufactured by Unisys, provides disk partitioning to manipulate the 32 MB partition limitation under versions of MS-DOS earlier than 4.01. This utility is very similar to Disk Manager and SpeedStor disk partitioning software. If you are using this disk driver, the following line is in your CONFIG.SYS file:
The Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade Setup detects this and stops the installation procedure.


    Back up your hard drive.
    Install MS-DOS 5.0 to floppy disks (using SETUP /F).
    Use FDISK from the MS-DOS 5 Support disk created during the floppy installation.
    Delete the NON-DOS partition information.
    Create new DOS partition.
    Format and restore your information to your hard drive.

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