Setup Repeatedly Prompts for Same Disk (75482)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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If the Setup program repeatedly asks for a disk, even though the disk being prompted for is in the proper floppy drive, it is possible that the MS-DOS 5 Upgrade disks are mislabeled. This could cause the following error message:

Wrong disk


To verify that the disk is mislabeled, insert the suspect Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade disk into drive A (or B), access that drive, and type the following command from the A (or B) prompt:


The disk is mislabeled if the result is
   Volume in drive A is DISK      #

   (where # is different than the number on the external disk label).
If the disk is mislabeled, perform the VOL command for all disks to make sure that all of the disks are accounted for. If there are no duplicates, then two workarounds can be performed to correct the problem.

Note: Mislabeled disks are not damaged.


    When prompted for a specific disk, insert the correct disk as verified by the VOL command, not by the number located on the external disk label. -or-

    If your current version of MS-DOS is 3.0 or later, make a working directory on drive C and copy all disks to that directory. Run the Setup program from the working directory on drive C.

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