Differences Between Tandy DOS 5.0 and MS-DOS 5.0 (75529)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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Tandy is shipping its own version of the MS-DOS 5 Upgrade called Tandy DOS 5.0 Upgrade. It is available through Radio Shack stores nationwide.


The differences between the Microsoft MS-DOS 5 Upgrade and the Tandy DOS 5.0 Upgrade are as follows:
    The Tandy Upgrade must be run from drive A after using UPGRADE.COM to make the disk bootable and rebooting the system. Setup does not create an Uninstall disk. Setup also deletes all files it does not recognize in the DOS directory. It then expands all of the DOS files into the DOS directory and after going through the five disks, it again goes to disk 1 and disk 2. Instead of modifying the current CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT files, it renames them to CONFIG.OLD and AUTOEXEC.OLD and places a new CONFIG.SYS and AUTOEXEC.BAT in the root directory.

    The Tandy Upgrade Setup does not remove IO.SYS and MSDOS.SYS if these were the names of the previous system files.
    Tandy MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade ships with both 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch disks.
    Tandy MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade has a program, UPGRADE.COM, that makes the first upgrade disk bootable.
    Tandy MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade uses the IBM convention for system files: IBMBIO.COM and IBMDOS.COM.
    Tandy MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade has FDISK and FORMAT in noncompressed mode.
    Date and time of Tandy MS-DOS files are 05-22-91 at 1:00p.
    Tandy MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade does not include HDBKUP.EXE, HDRSTORE.EXE, the updated Disk Manager, Speedstore, or network redirectors shipped with the Microsoft upgrade product.
    Tandy MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade comes with Logitech mouse driver release 6.0 that includes both MOUSE.SYS and MOUSE.COM.
    Tandy MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade also includes the file HSECT.COM, which is a Tandy utility for low level hard drive formatting.
The product included here (Tandy MS-DOS 5.0 Upgrade) is manufactured by vendors independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.

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