"SYS2090" Error with Novell Btrieve Utility (75710)

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According to Novell technical support, the error message

SYS2090 - system failed to load program
comes from the Novell Btrieve utility. This is not a DOS error message, but it results from the use of Novell's BUTIL.EXE without having BTRIEVE.EXE properly loaded.


Btrieve for DOS is a record management system designed for high performance data handling and improved programming productivity. The Btrieve utility is a self contained executable program that applications access via function calls. BTRIEVE.EXE remains in memory as a terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) program for BUTIL.EXE to access as needed.

The BUTIL.EXE utility, used with Btrieve, allows you to re-create and manage the data files created with Btrieve. The error message "SYS2090 - system failed to load program" is a result of BTRIEVE.EXE not being loaded prior to BUTIL.EXE. BTRIEVE.EXE can be loaded in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file as follows:

lh [drive:][path]btrieve


loadhigh [drive:][path]btrieve

If BTRIEVE.EXE is loaded low, it is recommended to use the /E switch to force Btrieve buffers low. For example:

[drive:][path]btrieve /e

However, when BTRIEVE.EXE is loaded high, the /E switch is not necessary.


Novell technical support: (512) 346-8380, (800) 729-4357

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