EMM386.EXE Exclude Ranges for IBM Token Ring Card (75895)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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When using EMM386.EXE on a workstation that is connected to the network by an IBM Token Ring card, the card may have trouble initializing if the areas that it uses are not excluded in the EMM386.EXE line in the CONFIG.SYS file. One of the following exclude statements should be tried:
    EMM386.EXE X=CC00-CFFF X=D800-DBFF (or X=CC00-DBFF)
    EMM386.EXE X=D400-D7FF X=DC00-DFFF (or X=D400-DFFF)


The IBM Token Ring card uses two separate address areas in the upper memory area (UMA); one is used to address ROM and the other is used to address RAM. There are two possible configurations of these address spaces under the default set up:


ROM CC00 (16K)
RAM D800 (16K)


ROM DC00 (16K)
RAM D400 (16K)

The ROM address area can be set with the network reference disk or through switches on the card. The RAM address area can be set with the LAN support program as outlined in the README file that comes with the LAN support program.

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