MS-DOS Err Msg: SMARTDrive: Not Enough Memory to Load Driver (76098)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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Under some memory configurations, loading SMARTDrive with a DEVICEHIGH statement in the CONFIG.SYS file may result in the following error message upon startup:

Microsoft SMARTDrive Disk Cache version 3.13
SMARTDrive: Not enough memory to load driver


Generally, device drivers and terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) programs will load in conventional memory if they are loaded with DEVICEHIGH or LOADHIGH statements and there is not enough upper memory space available to initialize. However, if SMARTDrive is loaded with a DEVICEHIGH statement and there is approximately 10K of upper memory available but not enough memory for SMARTDrive to initialize, SMARTDrive will return the above error message during startup.


If SMARTDrive will not load with the DEVICEHIGH statement when EMM386 is being used to access the upper memory blocks, do one of the following:
    Use an include switch with EMM386 to include an upper memory block large enough to load SMARTDrive (approximately 22K or larger.) If the computer is NOT a Micro Channel Architecture machine (for example, PS/2) you can include the range E000-EFFF. If the monitor is not monochrome and you do not intend to run in monochrome mode, you can include the range B000-B7FF. Make sure a bootable disk is available before making any changes to the CONFIG.SYS file. -or-

    Load SMARTDrive in the CONFIG.SYS file before any other drivers with a DEVICEHIGH statement. -or-

    Load SMARTDrive with DEVICE instead of DEVICEHIGH to load the driver into conventional memory. -or-

    Add the SIZE parameter to the DEVICEHIGH statement to define the minimum amount of memory that must be available before DEVICEHIGH will attempt to load SMARTDrive into the upper memory area (UMA). For example:

    devicehigh size=5C00 [drive]:\[dir]\smartdrv.sys xxxx xxxx

    (Where size=5C00 specifies 23K of memory required to load the driver, [drive] is the drive containing SMARTDrive, [dir] is the directory containing SMARTDrive, and xxxx are the size parameters for SMARTDrive.)

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