Fastback Versions 2.11 and Earlier Give Divide Overflow Error (76812)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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Fifth Generation Systems has confirmed that attempting to back up a file smaller than 8 bytes with FastBack version 2.11 or earlier will produce the following error message:

Divide Overflow
To avoid this error, bypass the FastBack Estimate option.


The Estimate feature estimates how much space and/or time the backup will require. It is for your information only and has no bearing on the backup itself.

To bypass the Estimate option:

    In FastBack, choose Start Backup.
    Press ENTER to start the backup.
The Estimate feature causes the "Divide Overflow" error while attempting to divide by a very small number. Skipping the Estimate option does not affect the integrity of the data. Fifth Generation Systems technical support has confirmed that this feature has been corrected in FastBack versions 3.0 and later.

For more information, call Fifth Generation Systems technical support at (504) 291-7283.

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