Executing TSRs Through MS-DOS Shell with Task Swapper Active (76921)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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When you return to the MS-DOS Shell from a program with Task Swapper active, the following message may appear:

MS-DOS Task Switcher's Pop-up Program Support Your pop-up program has been loaded and you may activate it as you would normally. When you have finished using this pop-up program, exit it and press Ctrl+C to return to DOS.

This message indicates that a terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) or memory resident program/driver was executed and is attempting to remain in memory when Shell is being swapped from disk back into memory.


Task Swapper, when active, must have control of all programs that are being loaded into memory when Shell is used. The DOSSWAP program will not allow programs to stay resident and asks you to remove them to allow it to manage memory properly.

TSRs can be executed before running Shell because Task Swapper does not monitor memory usage at the time of their execution.

Pressing ALT+ESC to swap a memory resident program from memory instead of terminating it will cause Task Swapper to function incorrectly when other programs in the Task List are being swapped from memory.

Note: Some executable files may have memory resident portions that may produce the above error message.

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