Incompatible XENIX Partition Detected with SMARTDrive (77400)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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If you attempt to load SMARTDRV.SYS on a computer with both MS-DOS and XENIX partitions, or MS-DOS and UNIX partitions, the following error message will be displayed:

Incompatible Partition Detected
If the hard drive contains less than 1024 cylinders, you can use the /P switch to eliminate the error message and allow SMARTDrive to load.


SMARTDrive will detect an incompatible partition if a XENIX or UNIX partition has been allocated on the hard disk, and will not load. This is because the partitioning utility SpeedStor, from Storage Dimensions, sometimes uses the same partition identifier as XENIX and UNIX. SMARTDrive cannot tell a XENIX or UNIX partition from a SpeedStor partition.

To force SMARTDRV.SYS to load, add the /P switch to the device statement for SMARTDrive in the CONFIG.SYS file as follows:

device=[drive]:\[path]\smartdrv.sys /p

(Where [drive] is the drive containing SMARTDRV.SYS and [path] is the subdirectory in which it is located.)

WARNING: If the hard drive has more than 1024 cylinders, do not use the /P switch. A severe loss of data may occur.

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