NET5.COM Requires /C= Switch to Use SHELL.CFG (77456)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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Microsoft MS-DOS version 5.0 requires an upgraded NET5.COM file to operate correctly on a Novell network. Parameters for the NET5.COM file are stored in a SHELL.CFG or NET.CFG file.

This non-formatted text file created by the user or network administrator could include options for preferred server=, File Handles=, and Show Dots=. The SHELL.CFG or NET.CFG file will not be recognized with NET5.COM unless the program switch /C is added to the end of the NET5.COM command line.


In previous versions, the SHELL.CFG or NET.CFG file would be read automatically if found in the same directory as NET3.COM or NET4.COM file when executed. To have NET5.COM use the SHELL.CFG or NET.CFG file, it requires the program switch


on the command line (where [path\] is the drive and directory location, and <filename.ext> is the specified filename).


NET5 /C=C:\Novell\Shell.CFG

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