Err Msg: "Error Reading/Writing Drive x" with WD-1006V-SR2 (77771)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.22

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If you have a Western Digital Controller card model WD-1006v-SR2, you may receive the following error when reading or writing to a floppy disk drive:

Error Reading/Writing Drive A (or Drive B)


Western Digital controller cards (WD-1006V-SR2) dated earlier than 1990 may conflict with the MS-DOS EMM386.EXE memory manager.


To eliminate this error, exclude the appropriate address range within the upper memory area (UMA) used by the controller card. To exclude the upper memory range, place the exclusion range on the EMM386.EXE line of the CONFIG.SYS file as follows

DEVICE=<drive>:\<dir>\emm386.exe X=CC00-CDFF

where <drive> and <dir> are the drive and directory in which the EMM386.EXE file is located.

    If a range other than CC00-CDFF is specified for the controller card, that range should be excluded.
    If you run MS-DOS MemMaker after you exclude the memory range, choose Custom Setup, and then choose to "Keep current EMM386 memory exclusions and inclusions."


To test for an upper memory address conflict, remove the EMM386.EXE device line from the CONFIG.SYS file or exclude the full upper memory address range, A000-EFFF.

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