Older Versions of Disk Manager Do Not Have XBIOS.OVL (77853)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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Earlier versions of Ontrack Disk Manager do not contain the file XBIOS.OVL. Earlier versions of Disk Manager contained the functions of XBIOS.OVL within the DMDRVR.BIN file.

This information applies to Microsoft MS-DOS version 5.0.


When upgrading to MS-DOS 5.0 in accordance with section 2.4 of the README.TXT file, README.TXT recommends you back up the current DMDRVR.BIN and XBIOS.OVL files. However, there may not be a current XBIOS.OVL file on the hard disk.

Earlier versions of Ontrack Disk Manager contained the necessary information in the DMDRVR.BIN file. In these versions, there is no XBIOS.OVL file.

When upgrading from these versions, simply backup the current DMDRVR.BIN and then expand the new DMDRVR.BIN and XBIOS.OVL per section 2.4 of the README.TXT file. XBIOS.OVL must reside in the root directory. DMDRVR.BIN may reside anywhere on the drive as long as the DEVICE statement in the CONFIG.SYS statement points to its location.

DMDRVR.BIN loads XBIOS.OVL when the hard disk drive is a nonstandard drive and/or has more than 1024 cylinders. This driver is not required for Disk Manager to work properly on standard and supported drives.

XBIOS.OVL became a separate file due to a growth in its information. This was a result of the invention of IDE drives, the use of IRQ 14 for hard disk controller in AT systems, and an increase in the number of unsupported drive types.

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