Erratic Behavior with MS-DOS 5.0 and Phillips BIOS (78408)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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Phillips has confirmed that after installing MS-DOS 5.0 on a Magnavox 300 or 500 series computer with Phillips BIOS, erratic behavior may occur. This behavior will appear as random error messages at boot-up, or an inability to format disks.

To resolve this problem, ensure that the CMOS settings match the devices installed on the computer. If they match, save the settings; otherwise, make appropriate changes and save the settings.


Some of the error messages that may occur at boot-up when MS-DOS 5.0 is installed on the above machines are:

Bad or Missing Command Interpreter

Bad or Missing SHARE.EXE

Error in CONFIG.SYS line 4 4
To check CMOS settings, do the following:

    Press CTRL+ALT+INSERT when the machine is booting.
    Verify the current settings (type of drive and so on).
    Press F3 to save the settings.
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Phillips technical support: (900) 454-5554

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