EMM386.EXE Hangs on GoldStar 386SX Model GT316 (78441)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.22

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When loading certain programs, the GoldStar 386SX Model GT316 stops responding (locks up or hangs) if EMM386.EXE is also loaded, regardless of the EMM386.EXE switch settings.


Goldstar technical support states that adding NOMOVEXBDA to EMM386.EXE resolves the problem.


EMM386.EXE provides expanded memory (EMS) emulation and upper memory block (UMB) management.

When EMM386.EXE is used on a GoldStar 386SX Model GT316, certain programs cause the system to lock up. The system locks up when EMM386.EXE is loaded. This will happen regardless of exclude statements (X=nnnn-nnnn) and regardless of what services are being performed (NOEMS, RAM, and no switches).

HIMEM.SYS machine switches also do not seem to have any effect.

This information also applies to the GoldStar GF318 Plus and the GoldStar GS335.

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