Mouse Cursor Change Does Not Take Effect in Windows 3.0 (78460)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS

This article was previously published under Q78460


If you use the Mouse driver version 8.1 change cursor features for the Microsoft Mouse or Microsoft BallPoint Mouse in Windows 3.0, the changes may not take effect after you exit and restart Windows.


The WIN.INI file, located in the Windows subdirectory, must load the Mouse pointer file for any changes to take effect.

If, when running the Mouse driver 8.1 Setup program, you do not choose to let Setup change the cursor size, then the changes needed for the Mouse pointer are not added to the WIN.INI file.

You can correct this in one of two ways:
    Run the Mouse driver 8.1 Setup program again, and when it prompts you to change the Mouse cursor size, allow it to do so. -or-

    Edit the WIN.INI file to include POINTER.EXE. The WIN.INI is a text file that is located in your Windows subdirectory. Load WIN.INI into a text editor (for example, MS-DOS Editor), and under the [windows] section, change the "load=" line to include POINTER.EXE, as follows:
          load =c:\xxx\pointer.exe
    (Where c:\xxx is the subdirectory where POINTER.EXE is located.)

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