Upgrade 5.0a Setup Automatically Updates DMDRVR.BIN/SSTOR.SYS (78675)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0a

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When Setup detects a Disk Manager or SpeedStor partition, MS-DOS 5 Upgrade version 5.0a Setup automatically updates the necessary driver(s). This is a change from the original MS-DOS 5 Upgrade Setup program, which in this case, instructs the customer to expand the driver(s) manually.


If a Disk Manager or SpeedStor partition is detected, Setup checks for the location of the driver in the CONFIG.SYS file. If the correct DEVICE command is found in the CONFIG.SYS file, and the date of the file currently being loaded is earlier than the driver being distributed with MS-DOS 5.0a, Setup will give you the option to automatically upgrade the driver or to install MS-DOS 5.0 to floppies.

Setup will refer you to the README.TXT file for instructions on how to manually install the driver if one of the following conditions exist:
    There is no CONFIG.SYS file
    Setup cannot find the DEVICE command in the CONFIG.SYS file
    The driver does not exist on the hard drive
If you choose to automatically install the driver, Setup will upgrade the driver before creating the Uninstall disk. The original driver will be renamed to *.OLD, and the new driver will be copied to the location pointed by the DEVICE command in the CONFIG.SYS file. If the partition detected is a Disk Manager partition, the XBIOS.OVL file will be copied to the root directory after the original XBIOS.OVL file has been renamed to XBIOS.OLD.

SpeedStor often uses the same partition type as several varieties of UNIX. Setup assumes any partition using this type is used by SpeedStor. If you have a UNIX partition and are NOT using SpeedStor or one of its drivers (HARDRIVE.SYS or SSTOR.SYS), do an unconditional setup (using Setup /U).

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