Upgrading MS-DOS 5.0 Over Stacker with STACDOS5.BAT (79533)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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STAC Electronics has provided a self-extracting file (SD0S5.EXE) on their bulletin board that can be used to automatically upgrade MS-DOS 5.0 for use with Stacker.


Stacker version 2.0 includes a .BAT (batch) that automatically upgrades MS-DOS 5.0. If you have an earlier version of Stacker, you can use the SDOS5.EXE file to achieve the same results.

To upgrade MS-DOS 5.0 with SD0S5.EXE, do the following:

    Download the SDOS5.EXE file from STAC Electronics bulletin board service (BBS).
    Execute the SDOS5.EXE file. It creates three files:

    Copy the three files created with the SDOS5.EXE file to the STACK directory on the compressed (STACKER) volume.
    Execute the STACDOS5.BAT file. Follow the instructions on the screen to upgrade to MS-DOS 5.0.
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