PC Kwik Cache Causes Error in Formatting DD Disk in HD Drive (80537)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0
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When using PC Kwik you may be unable to format a double density disk in a high density drive due to a timing problem. If this is the case, you may be able to reconfigure PC Kwik to allow formatting.


This information primarily applies to TEAC drives, but other brands have been known to have this problem as well.

Multisoft, the maker of PC Kwik, instructs its users of "Superon" or "Poweron" disk caching programs to alter the batch files that are used to load the disk cache. They are generally loaded in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file as "Call Superon" or "Call Poweron". In the appropriate batch file, you need to add a switch to the end of the "Superpck" command.

PC Kwik instructs the user to try a variety of switches starting with the switch "/D#". If this fails to allow formatting of the double density disk, change the flag to "/D-" and try again. If this fails, use "/-x *" where "x" is the drive letter. DO NOT USE A COLON after the drive letter. These switches express progressively longer delays in the timing function, which is where the problem lies.

The following are examples:

Note: Use only ONE of these lines.
   Superpck /D#
   Superpck /D-
   Superpck /-a *    (For the drive B, substitute "b" for "a".)
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