Dell NX-20 Requires HIMEM.SYS /M: 1 (80746)

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Your Dell NX20 Notebook computer displays the following error message:

Smartdrive error in extended memory allocation.


Dell has confirmed that HIMEM.SYS may default to A20 handler number 3 for the Phoenix Cascade BIOS on the Dell NX20. This handler is incorrect, and results in the error above.

The proper A20 handler for this machine is 1, for IBM PC/AT class machines.

When A20 handler number 3 is installed, SMARTDRV.SYS may not load when EMM386.EXE and/or DOS=HIGH is also in the CONFIG.SYS file.


Use the following syntax in your CONFIG.SYS file to install the device driver HIMEM.SYS and to set the correct handler number:

device=[drive:][path]himem.sys /m:1

(where drive and path specify the location of HIMEM.SYS).


"Microsoft MS-DOS User's Guide and Reference," version 5.0, pages 610-613

Online Help discussion of HIMEM.SYS, version 6.0.

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