Real-Time Clock Problem on Amstrad 8086 Machines (81093)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0

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The real-time system clock on the Amstrad 8086 XT class machines does not keep time with MS-DOS 5.0 installed on the system. This problem has been confirmed with Amstrad, and there is no current or proposed workaround for the problem.


IBM PCs and PC-XTs do not include a real-time system clock that will retain the correct time and date after repowering the system. IBM introduced a real-time system clock in the IBM AT. Microsoft MS-DOS can only access real-time clocks that are compatible with the IBM AT.

The Amstrad company no longer has their own dedicated support division in the United States. Instead, they have divided service and support responsibilities among three companies. Issues dealing with out-of- warranty Amstrad products are handled by the Sinotech Corporation, which can be reached by calling (708) 566-0504. Warranty issues for Amstrad "1000 series" products are handled by the Dictaphone Corporation, at (800) 858-8504. Warranty issues for Amstrad "2000 series" products are handled by the Dow Jones Corporation at (800) 556-0101.

The former Amstrad U.S. service center in Irving, Texas is no longer in operation; however, you may contact Amstrad at their international headquarters:

Amstrad plc
Brentwood House
169 Kings Rd.
Brentwood, Essex
England CM 144 EF
Phone: (011)(44) 277-228-888

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