Magnavox 80286, Serial Mouse Doesn't Work in Windows or MS-DOS (81885)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS
    Microsoft Windows 98

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Magnavox 80286 systems have a bus mouse port, which may prevent the MS-DOS mouse driver from installing, or the driver may install but the mouse may not function. In addition, the mouse may not work in Windows.

The MS-DOS driver should install when the /C1 or /C2 switch is applied to the driver for a Microsoft serial Mouse. Microsoft Mouse driver version 8.0 or later may be required for the Microsoft Mouse to work in Windows.


It is best to first install the Mouse to work under MS-DOS. To install a serial Mouse (including the BallPoint Mouse) under MS-DOS, do the following:

    Exit from Windows (if Windows is running).
    At the mouse subdirectory (for example, C:\MOUSE), type the following command:
          mouse off
    If the message

    is displayed, boot the machine and go to step 3.

    If the message

    is displayed, enter the command
          cpanel off
    and repeat step 2.
    At the command prompt, type
          mouse /c2
    to install the mouse. If the mouse does not install, there may be a hardware conflict or other limitation. Do a clean MS-DOS boot.
    If the mouse driver installed in step 3, run CPANEL.COM. If a mouse cursor appears in Control Panel, then a solution exists.
    For MS-DOS, add the appropriate switch (/C1 or /C2) to the AUTOEXEC.BAT or CONFIG.SYS file.
To use the mouse in Windows, you will need to modify the MOUSE.INI file in the mouse subdirectory. To modify the MOUSE.INI file to work with a mouse in Windows, do the following:
   The MouseType= line should be modified to read MouseType=Serial1 or
   MouseType=Serial2, depending on whether /C1 or /C2 worked,

   Note: The MOUSE.INI file only exists for Microsoft Mouse driver
   versions 8.0 and later.
It is not necessary to reboot before entering Windows.

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