Err Msg: "Specified COMMAND Directory Bad" (83273)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0a

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The following error message will occur if incorrect parameters are used with COMMAND.COM, or an invalid COMSPEC is being set:

Specified COMMAND Search Directory Bad
This error will occur in MS-DOS and in the Windows operating system when COMMAND.COM is used incorrectly in a .PIF (program information file).


The following examples illustrate how the error may be caused in Windows 3.x and MS-DOS:

Windows 3.x

    The error will be received if running an MS-DOS application as a parameter of COMMAND.COM without the /C option. The format of the Optional Parameters line in the .PIF should read as follows:
          Optional Parameters:   /c [drive]\[dir]\PROGRAM.EXE

    The error message may occur when associating a data file with a .PIF that invokes COMMAND.COM with the /C option, using PIF Editor. For example:
          Program Filename:    COMMAND.COM
          Window Title:        Test
          Optional Parameters: /c foot.exe
          Start-up Directory:  c:\
    To associate the data file (TEST.JNK) with this .PIF, put the associated file to the right of the Optional Parameters: /C option, as follows
          Optional Parameters: /c foot.exe test.jnk
    rather than:
          Optional Parameters: test.jnk /c foot.exe


    If you type command at a command prompt with incorrect options, the error message

    Specified COMMAND search directory bad
    will be displayed. After receiving this message, the PATH, PROMPT, and other environment variables will be lost because a new environment is being set. Type exit to reset the initial environment.
    If there is an incorrect COMSPEC variable or no COMSPEC variable in the SHELL statement of the CONFIG.SYS file, the error message

    Cannot Find COMMAND.COM
    may be displayed when exiting an application, or the error message

    Specified Command Search Directory Bad
    may be displayed on startup. The error message will occur as the COMSPEC variable is attempting to set.

    To correct the error, make sure that the CONFIG.SYS file contains the line:
          shell=[drive]\[dir]\ [drive]\[dir]\ /p
    (Where [drive] refers to the drive that contains the MS-DOS directory and files or the drive that contains COMMAND.COM, and [dir] refers to the appropriate MS-DOS directory that contains COMMAND.COM.)

    Make sure to use correct syntax with COMMAND.COM. For more information on proper syntax, see the "Microsoft MS-DOS User's Guide and Reference" version 5.0 manual.

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