Mouse Driver 8.2 /U, /E, /X No Longer Supported (83343)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS
    Microsoft Mouse Driver 8.x

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Beginning with Microsoft Mouse driver version 8.2, the command line options /U, /E, and /X are no longer supported, as well as the corresponding MOUSE.INI file settings. This information applies to all versions of the Microsoft Mouse and Microsoft BallPoint Mouse, and Microsoft Mouse driver version 8.2 for MS-DOS based systems.

NOTE: Windows operating system version 3.1 includes mouse driver version 8.2.


If the Microsoft Mouse driver is loaded with the command line options /U, /E, or /X, the mouse driver loads in conventional 640K memory (if it normally loads without the switch), but the following message is appended to the normal Mouse driver installed message:

Parameters /U, /E, /X no longer supported.
If you try to use the corresponding MOUSE.INI allowable values for the Memory= line (HiMem, EMM), or for MouseType= line (MSX) no appended messages appear. However, because these values are no longer supported, they are ignored.

As a possible workaround, you can use the MS-DOS LOADHIGH command on 80386 or higher machines.

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