Mouse Cursor Grow Feature Does Not Work in Microsoft Excel (84801)

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    Microsoft Mouse driver for MS-DOS

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The cursor grow feature included with Microsoft Mouse driver versions 8.1 and 8.2 does not affect the cursor within the body of a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. There is no known workaround.


Beginning with Microsoft Mouse driver version 8.1, a grow feature was added to the Microsoft Mouse driver to enlarge the cursor size during movement of the Microsoft Mouse. This feature is to make the pointer more visible on laptop machines. When the mouse pointer is no longer moving, the pointer reverts to its previous size after a specified time. To enable this feature, use the Mouse Control Panel supplied with the driver and set the pointer to either medium or large.

However, when using Microsoft Excel version 3.0 or 4.0, the cursor within the body of a spreadsheet is a large plus sign (+). This cursor is not affected by the grow feature (that is, it remains a constant size). When the Microsoft Mouse is moved outside of the spreadsheet body, the grow feature works as it should when active.

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