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The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0a

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The following information was taken from the Microsoft MS-DOS 5.0a Upgrade README.TXT file.



7.1 New CV.COM for CodeView

Users of CodeView versions 3.0 to 3.13 should use the program CV.COM to start CodeView. For more details, see the section on CodeView in the file APPNOTES.TXT.

7.2 Documentation Corrections

The following is a correction to the Microsoft MS-DOS Getting Started manual:

Page 66 (steps 6 and 7 of the procedure):

To determine whether you have the correct version of EMM386.EXE, disregard the file dates (as stated in steps 6 and 7 of the procedure). Instead, to check which version of EMM386 you are using:

    Quit Windows, if you are using it.
    Type EMM386 at the command prompt.

    MS-DOS displays the version of EMM386 you are using.
    If the message indicates you are using version 4.33 or later, you are using the correct version. If you are using a version earlier than 4.33, expand and copy the newer version included with MS-DOS 5.0 by following step 7 of the procedure in Getting Started.
Page 77 (Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.1 won't start)

The information in this section also applies to Lotus 1-2-3 version 3.0.

The following are corrections to the Microsoft MS-DOS User's Guide and Reference:

FORMAT Command:

If you can't use the FORMAT command to format an unformatted disk, try using the /u switch.

MIRROR Command:

You cannot use the MIRROR command with a network drive or any drive you created by using the ASSIGN, SUBST, or JOIN command.


Do not use the UNDELETE command in the following circumstances:
    When other programs are active.
    With the LOAD= command or the Shift+Enter key combination in Windows or MS-DOS Shell.
    With Task Swapper in MS-DOS Shell.

The UNFORMAT /p switch is not compatible with the /j switch.

RAMDRIVE.SYS Device Driver:

Valid values for the RAMDrive DiskSize parameter are 4 through 32767.

The following is a correction to the command-line Help:

COMP /? Help:

Online help for the COMP command /d switch should state that the default format is hexadecimal.

7.3 Hercules Display Adapter (MSHERC.COM)

If you use MS-DOS Editor or QBasic with a Hercules display adapter, include the MSHERC.COM command in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

7.4 QBasic "On Error" Command

Online help for Microsoft QBasic incorrectly states that ON ERROR RESUME NEXT is a valid statement. The correct syntax is as follows:


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