Difference Between DBLSPACE /CHKDSK and CHKDSK (93599)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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When you run DoubleSpace with the /CHKDSK switch (for example, type DBLSPACE /CHKDSK) on a DoubleSpace partition, it analyzes the DoubleSpace file allocation table (FAT) for consistency. The DoubleSpace FAT is a separate data structure from the MS-DOS FAT.

To check the DoubleSpace FAT and the MS-DOS FAT, you must run both DBLSPACE /CHKDSK and CHKDSK on the DoubleSpace drive. To analyze and repair any problems, add the /F switch to both commands.

NOTE: If CHKDSK, or CHKDSK /F, is run on a compressed drive, it automatically runs DBLSPACE /CHKDSK, or DBLSPACE /CHKDSK /F,when finished. If DBLSPACE /CHKDSK is not invoked, check to make sure DBLSPACE.EXE is located in the same directory as CHKDSK.EXE.


MS-DOS maintains a data structure for the FAT that maintains a "map" of the disk usage (both files and free space) recording the status of each sector on the disk. When DoubleSpace is installed, it creates its own FAT and maps the MS-DOS FAT to the DoubleSpace FAT.

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