Disks Created by MS-DOS 6 Upgrade Using SETUP /F (94775)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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With MS-DOS 6 Upgrade, you can create a single startup floppy disk for drive A using the /F parameter. The contents of this disk vary based on disk capacity.

NOTE: MS-DOS 6 Upgrade does NOT have the ability to install the complete operating system (with all programs) to floppy disks.


Floppy Disk Contents for SETUP /F:
   Filename    Attributes              Disk Size
                               360K    720K    1.2MB   1.44MB
                              (5.25") (3.5")  (5.25")  (3.5")

   IO.SYS           SHR          X       X       X        X
   MSDOS.SYS        SHR          X       X       X        X
   COMMAND.COM        R          X       X       X        X
   DBLSPACE.BIN     SHR          X       X       X        X
   ATTRIB.EXE      A             X       X       X        X
   DEBUG.EXE       A             X       X       X        X
   EXPAND.EXE      A             X       X       X        X
   FDISK.EXE       A             X       X       X        X
   FORMAT.COM      A             X       X       X        X
   RESTORE.EXE     A             X       X       X        X
   SYS.COM         A             X       X       X        X
   CHKDSK.EXE      A             X       X       X        X
   EDIT.COM        A                     X       X        X
   QBASIC.EXE      A                     X       X        X
   XCOPY.EXE       A                             X        X
   MSD.EXE         A                             X        X
   MSAV.EXE        A                     X       X        X
   DBLSPACE.EXE    A                             X        X

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