Results of DBLSPACE /CHKDSK (95536)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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The DBLSPACE /CHKDSK command evaluates errors and then sorts them into three categories: lost clusters, cross-linked files, and other.

The "other" category indicates one or more of the following problems:
    There is a damaged extended BIOS parameter block (BPB). (This is the BPB specific to the compressed volume file [CVF].)
    There is a damaged beginning or ending signature in the CVF.
    An entry in the MD-FAT (Microsoft DoubleSpace - file allocation table) is corrupt (unreadable).
    The MD-FAT makes a reference to the MS-DOS FAT that is not valid.
    The sector heap offset is out of range; for example, the sector heap is larger than the CVF or beyond the size of the logical compressed drive.
NOTE: The DBLSPACE /CHKDSK command will repair, or attempt to repair, the "other" error.

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