Changing or Reinstalling MS-DOS Shell Video Files (95631)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 5.0a
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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MS-DOS Shell uses three files for its video display: DOSSHELL.VID, DOSSHELL.GRB, and DOSSHELL.INI. If you are having problems with your Shell video display, re-creating these files may correct the problem. Some common problems caused by corrupted or missing video files include:
    Shell stops responding (hangs) when started
    Video display corruption (garbage on the screen)
    Video display related error messages
NOTE: The following steps are also necessary if you've changed your computer's video monitor type.


Changing or Reinstalling Shell Video Files

The following files can be found on your MS-DOS 5 Upgrade or MS-DOS 6 Upgrade disks. To use these files, they must be expanded and renamed (instructions below). They are listed by file type and display resolution (monitor type):
   Monitor type      .VID file   .GRB file     .INI file

   Monochrome        (none)      MONO.GR_      MONO.IN_
   CGA               CGA.VI_     CGA.GR_       CGA.IN_
   EGA               EGA.VI_     EGA.GR_       EGA.IN_
   EGA Monochrome    EGA.VI_     EGAMONO.GR_   MONO.IN_
   VGA               VGA.VI_     VGA.GR_       EGA.IN_
   VGA Monochrome    VGA.VI_     VGAMONO.GR_   MONO.IN_
   8514              8514.VI_    VGA.GR_       EGA.IN_
   8514 Monochrome   8514.VI_    VGAMONO.GR_   MONO.IN_
   Hercules          HERC.VI_    HERC.GR_      MONO.IN_
NOTE: The 8514.VI_ file is not available on the MS-DOS 5 Upgrade disks; however, it is included with version 5.0a of MS-DOS 5 Upgrade and the MS-DOS 6 Upgrade.

You can find the location of these files by viewing the PACKING.LST file with MS-DOS Editor. If you are using MS-DOS 5 Upgrade, the PACKING.LST file is located in your DOS directory. If you are using MS-DOS 6 Upgrade, the PACKING.LST file is not copied to your DOS directory; however, it is located on Disk 1 of your MS-DOS 6 Upgrade disks.

Expanding New MS-DOS Shell Files

The following procedure should be used for your particular video display type, floppy disk drive configuration and MS-DOS location. VGA, floppy disk drive A, and the C:\DOS subdirectory are used only as an example:
    Insert the MS-DOS Upgrade disk containing VGA.VI_ in drive A, type the following, and press ENTER:

    expand a:\vga.vi_ c:\dos\dosshell.vid

    Insert the MS-DOS Upgrade disk containing VGA.GR_ in drive A, type the following, and press ENTER:

    expand a:\vga.gr_ c:\dos\dosshell.grb

    Insert the MS-DOS Upgrade disk containing EGA.IN_ in drive A, type the following, and press ENTER:

    expand a:\ega.in_ c:\dos\dosshell.ini

The next time you start MS-DOS Shell, the new video display configuration takes effect. If you still have problems with the display, make sure you configured the Shell video display files properly, or contact Microsoft Product Support Services.

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