DoubleSpace Err Msg: 'Your Computer Might Be Running...' (96133)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

This article was previously published under Q96133


If you try to install DoubleSpace while running a version of SMARTDrive from a version of MS-DOS earlier than 6.0, the following dialog box appears:

Your computer might be running software that is incompatible with DoubleSpace.

CAUTION: If you run DoubleSpace now, you could lose some or all of the files on your computer.

Do not continue DoubleSpace until you have read the README.TXT file.


To install DoubleSpace and avoid this error message, make sure you are loading MS-DOS 6.0 SMARTDrive. The SMARTDrive command line in AUTOEXEC.BAT should look similar to the following:

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