MS-DOS 6.0 Configuration Questions and Answers (96851)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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    Q. I receive the message "ERROR: Unable to control A20 line" during the startup (boot) process. How can I correct this problem?

    A. The A20 line is a hardware component of 80286 and higher processors that allows programs to access the first 64 kilobytes (K) of extended memory. HIMEM.SYS must be able to control the A20 line to manage the extended memory on your computer. Different computers use different techniques for controlling the A20 line. In some cases, HIMEM.SYS cannot determine the correct technique to use. If HIMEM.SYS cannot identify the correct technique for controlling the A20 line on your computer, you may need to use the /MACHINE switch with the DEVICE=C:\DOS\HIMEM.SYS command in your CONFIG.SYS file. For further instructions, refer to the "Diagnosing and Solving Problems" chapter of the "Microsoft MS-DOS 6 User's Guide." You can also type HELP HIMEM.SYS at the MS-DOS command prompt and press ENTER for information on HIMEM.SYS and the /MACHINE switch.
    Q. I'm using custom menu colors with multiple configurations. During the startup process, my menu colors change back to the default screen colors. Why is this occurring?

    A. When ANSI.SYS is loaded, it resets your screen colors. ANSI.SYS is an enhanced console device driver; therefore, it takes over all output to the console. At this time, no workaround is available for this problem.
    Q. How do I add the Windows(TM)-based utilities after I install MS-DOS 6.0?

    A. The MS-DOS 6 Upgrade includes Windows-based versions of Microsoft Backup, Microsoft Anti-Virus, and Microsoft Undelete. To install these programs after you have installed MS-DOS 6.0, insert Setup Disk 1 in your floppy disk drive. At the MS-DOS command prompt, type the following command and press ENTER

    <drive>: setup /e

    where <drive> is your floppy disk drive.

    For more information on the Windows-based utilities, refer to the "Microsoft MS-DOS 6 User's Guide."

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