MS-DOS Upgrade Setup May Not Disable PC-KWIK Disk Cache (97106)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.2
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.21
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.22

This article was previously published under Q97106


If the command for PC-KWIK has a leading at sign (@) in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, Setup does not detect the disk cache and therefore cannot remark it out before adding the command for SMARTDrive (SMARTDRV.EXE).

Microsoft does not recommend running two disk caches; be sure to disable one before you run Setup. To disable PC-KWIK, edit the AUTOEXEC.BAT file with an ASCII text editor, such as MS-DOS Editor, and add the remark statement (REM) in front of the command for PC-KWIK. For example:
   rem @call c:\pckwik\superon


The PC-KWIK version 4.21 installation program adds the following line to the AUTOEXEC.BAT file:
   @call c:\pckwik\superon

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