CONVERT.BAT Fails with a Syntax Error if You Are Running NDOS (97609)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

This article was previously published under Q97609


The Conversion Disk for users of the Stacker CONVERT.BAT file does not run with Symantec's Norton Utilities NDOS command interpreter. If NDOS is loaded when you try to run the conversion program, it fails before any actions are performed and displays the following error message:

Syntax error "<path>\dblspace.exe"
Deleting a:\zz.bat

1 files(s) deleted
The MS-DOS Stacker conversion program cannot continue because it could not find your copy of the DBLSPACE.EXE file. The DBLSPACE.EXE should be located in the directory that contains your MS-DOS files.

Add your MS-DOS directory to your search path, and then run CONVERT again. (For information about changing your search path, type HELP PATH at the command prompt.)


The problem occurs when the GETPATH.BAT file (called by CONVERT.BAT) issues the following command because NDOS does not accept the semicolons (;) in the current path as separators:
   for %%f in (%PATH%) do call zz %%f

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