Uninstall Doesn't Run If It Finds DoubleSpace Files (97868)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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You try to use the Uninstall disk to remove MS-DOS 6.0, but you receive an error message stating that you cannot uninstall MS-DOS 6.0 because you installed DoubleSpace.


If DoubleSpace is installed on your computer, you cannot use the Uninstall disk to remove MS-DOS 6.0. If you try to do so, you receive the error message mentioned above. If you remove DoubleSpace, you still receive this error message if either of the following is true:
    DBLSPACE.BIN is in the root of the host drive -or-

    A functional DoubleSpace driver is active in memory after you start your computer with the Uninstall disk in drive A. This occurs when you have a valid DBLSPACE.INI file on your host drive.


To work around these problems, try using the Uninstall disk after you following these steps:
    Use the DIR /A command to confirm that no DBLSPACE.<nnn> files are located in the root directory of your local drive(s). As an alternative, you can use the DBLSPACE /LIST command to confirm no DBLSPACE.<nnn> files exist on your system.

    If you find any compressed volume files (DBLSPACE.<nnn>), and you want to remove DoubleSpace, see section 7.6 of the README.TXT file, "Removing DoubleSpace from your computer," or query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

    how and remove and doublespace and preserve

    After you remove any DBLSPACE.<nnn> files, continue with step 2 of this procedure.
    Delete or rename any DBLSPACE.BIN or DBLSPACE.INI files in the root directory of all drive(s). If the Uninstall program finds a DBLSPACE.BIN or DBLSPACE.INI file in the root directory of the first hard disk drive or the root of the first hard disk drive's host drive, it assumes DoubleSpace is in use.
    Delete or rename DBLSPACE.BIN on the Uninstall disk. The driver can't load if MS-DOS can't find it.
If you cannot use the Uninstall disk to remove MS-DOS 6 because DoubleSpace is still detected, call Microsoft Product Support Services at (425) 646-5104 for assistance.

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