How to Install MS-DOS 6 Upgrade to a Drive Other Than C (98312)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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If you run MS-DOS 6.0 Setup without any parameters, your only choice for the destination of the MS-DOS 6.0 files is drive C. To use another drive, use the procedure in this article.


NOTE: You must have at least 3-4 megabytes of free space on drive C to use this procedure.
    Run Setup with the /Q switch by typing the following at the MS-DOS command prompt and then pressing ENTER:

    setup /q

    Press ENTER at the Welcome to Setup screen.
    The next screen gives you the option to change your computer type, MS-DOS path, and display type. Use the arrow keys to select MS-DOS Path, then press ENTER.
    Type the drive and path to which you want to install MS-DOS.
    To transfer the new system files (IO.SYS, MS-DOS.SYS, COMMAND.COM, and DBLSPACE.BIN) to the proper places on your boot drive, type the following and then press ENTER:

    setup /

You have now upgraded your operating system to MS-DOS 6.0. The boot drive (C) contains the new system files, and the path you specified in step 4 contains all the MS-DOS programs and drivers (92 files total).

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