Using SyQuest Removable Drives and Tape Drives with MS-DOS 6 (98460)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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This article covers the use of MS-DOS 6.0 with SyQuest removable-media drives and tape drives.


Using MS-DOS 6.0 on SyQuest Removable-Media Drives

MS-DOS 6 Upgrade Setup returns an "Incompatible medium" error message when you attempt to install onto a SYDOS removable-media drive.

SyQuest driver versions 2.61 and earlier are incompatible with MS-DOS 6.0. SyQuest is aware of this problem and has provided an updated driver contained in the self-extracting file DRIVER.EXE. The latest version of the driver is 2.74, which is compatible with MS-DOS 6.0.

To obtain DRIVER.EXE, call SyQuest or download it from the SyQuest bulletin board service (BBS).

SyQuest recommends loading this driver first in the CONFIG.SYS file. It should always be loaded before the DEVICEHIGH=C:\DOS\DBLSPACE.SYS /MOVE line.

NOTE: SyQuest recommends that you do not use any disk caches (including SMARTDrive) with SyQuest disk drives because they do not provide proper support for caching.

Using SyQuest Tape Drives with MS-DOS 6

According to SyQuest Technical Support, the SyQuest tape drive device driver SQ55.SYS dated July 1990 is incompatible with MS-DOS 6.0.

To work around this problem, obtain an updated device driver from SyQuest. SyQuest removable tape drives require the SQ55.SYS device driver.


The SYDOS product included here is manufactured by SyQuest Corporation, a vendor independent of Microsoft; we make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability.

For more information, contact SyQuest Technical Support.

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