HIMEM.SYS Can Access Only 16 Megabytes on an IBM PS/2 (98524)

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If HIMEM.SYS can access only 16 megabytes (MB) of memory on a IBM PS/2 that has more than 16 MB of memory installed, you may need an updated PS/2 reference disk. This situation applies only to versions of HIMEM.SYS that support more than 16 MB of memory (versions 3.07 and later).


According to IBM Technical Support, you should use the following procedure to determine if a new reference disk is required:

    Boot your computer from the reference disk.
    Select "Set Configuration."
    Select "View Configuration."
    Under the "Total System Memory" heading, compare the "Installed Memory" and the "Usable Memory" values. If the "Installed Memory" amount is correct (20 MB, 24 MB, and so forth) but the value for "Usable Memory" is 16 MB, an updated reference disk is probably required.
NOTE: IBM recommends that before you obtain the updated reference disk, you first run the diagnostics to make sure there is not a hardware problem.

You can download the updated reference disk from the NSC bulletin board service (BBS) at (919) 517-0001. For more information, call IBM at (800) 426-9397.

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