Device Drivers and TSRs That Cannot Be Loaded High (99281)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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MemMaker increases your conventional memory by loading device drivers and terminate-and-stay-resident (TSR) programs into upper memory. Sometimes a device driver or TSR program cannot be loaded into upper memory because of its design.

Since MemMaker is not aware of every device driver or TSR that cannot be loaded high, your system may stop responding (hang) when you run MemMaker. To recover from this situation, refer to the section titled "Your computer stops responding while MemMaker is loading a program or device driver other than EMM386" in Chapter 6 of the "User's Guide."


During the beta test of MS-DOS 6 Upgrade, Microsoft found several programs that could not be loaded high. These programs are listed in the MEMMAKER.INF file.

The following device drivers and TSRs cannot be loaded into upper memory and are not currently listed in the MEMMAKER.INF file:
   Device Driver or TSR    Function
   ATDOSHC.SYS             Quantum Hard Card EZ driver
   DEVSWAP                 SuperStor Pro device driver
   DOSCFG.EXE              Iomega OAD driver for Bernoulli drives
   GAI.SYS                 APPIAN Rendition IIe video card device driver
   I82593.DOS              Zenith Data System Z-Note portable computer
                           Windows for Workgroups device driver
   NET                     PC-NFS device driver
   SSTORDRV                SuperStor Pro device driver
   STAT4L.EXE              Hewlett-Packard device driver for HP 4L
   WD80X3.EXE              Wollongong Networking Software device driver
   PRO4.DOS                Proteon ProNet P1347 device driver
   MC.SYS                  Memory Commander TSR
   MCIN.EXE                Memory Commander TSR
   SK                      Older versions (1.x) of SideKick
   HPLANE.DOS              HP Ethertwist EISA device driver
   NETWORK.EXE             Webs Network TSR
   PRO16EUI.SYS            Proteon ProNet 16/4 TokenRing device driver
   NANSI.SYS               ANSI.SYS replacement Supplied with various
                           video cards
   FDCD.SYS                Version 2.01 SCSI driver for NEC CD-ROM drive
                           (currently ships with SoundBlaster compatible
                           Aria sound card).

  ADTSR.EXE                After Dark for DOS version 1.0


To avoid having to specifically exclude a device driver or TSR program each time you run MemMaker, add the filename to the MEMMAKER.INF file. For example, if GAI.SYS is causing your system to hang, edit the MEMMAKER.INF file with a text editor (such as MS-DOS Editor) to add the following line:

Device Drivers and TSR Programs Ignored by MemMaker

The following device drivers and TSR programs are listed in the MEMMAKER.INF file and therefore are not loaded high:

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