DBLSPACE.EXE Modifies the DBLSPACE.INI Settings (99499)

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    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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DBLSPACE.EXE may modify the DBLSPACE.INI file when certain DoubleSpace functions are called from either the full-screen DoubleSpace maintenance program or the command line.


DBLSPACE.INI is a text file used by DoubleSpace to control memory use, drive letter reservation, and DoubleSpace drive mounting. This file is critical for proper access and management of DoubleSpace-compressed drives. It is automatically created during the initial setup of DoubleSpace and may later be modified when certain DoubleSpace functions are used.

WARNING: If you edit the DBLSPACE.INI file with incorrect settings, your system may stop responding (hang) when you restart it or you may lose access to your compressed drives.

For more information on the DBLSPACE.INI file, query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

dblspace.ini and file and settings

The section below describes how the various lines in the DBLSPACE.INI file are modified by DBLSPACE.EXE:

MaxRemovableDrives=, FirstDrive=, LastDrive=, MaxFileFragments=

The first four entries that are typically seen in every DBLSPACE.INI file are MaxRemovableDrives=, FirstDrive=, LastDrive=, and MaxFileFragments=. The following DoubleSpace functions, called from the command line or from the full-screen DoubleSpace maintenance program, cause these entries to be added to the DBLSPACE.INI file (if they are not already there):
   DBLSPACE /CHKDSK                          DBLSPACE /FORMAT
   DBLSPACE /COMPRESS                        DBLSPACE /MOUNT
   DBLSPACE /CREATE                          DBLSPACE /UNMOUNT
   DBLSPACE /DELETE                          DBLSPACE /SIZE


The DBLSPACE.INI entry used to mount a compressed volume file (CVF) every time a computer boots is the ActivateDrive= <value>. This entry is added to the DBLSPACE.INI file when the following DoubleSpace functions are called:
In addition, when DBLSPACE /UNMOUNT is called, any ActivateDrive= entry corresponding to the drive being unmounted is removed.

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