New DBLSPACE.EXE on Stacker Conversion Disk Has No Bug Fixes (99987)

The information in this article applies to:
    Microsoft MS-DOS operating system 6.0

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The article on page 106 of the June 7, 1993, issue of InfoWorld states that the new DBLSPACE.EXE file is "intended to fix some of those DoubleSpace bugs that Microsoft says it hasn't been able to replicate." This statement is incorrect.

The DBLSPACE.EXE file included on the "Conversion Disk for Users of Stacker" has no bug fixes or patches. The new DBLSPACE.EXE file contains functionality to convert Stacker-compressed volumes to DoubleSpace-compressed volumes. The only functionality change is the inclusion of the Stacker conversion routine, including the Tools menu option to Convert Stacker and a new /CONVSTAC command-line parameter.


The following are the file sizes and dates for the two DBLSPACE.EXE files:
   Source of File                           Size       Date      Time
   MS-DOS 6 Upgrade Disk 1                 274484    03-10-93    6:00a
   Conversion Disk for Users of Stacker    282228    04-16-93    6:00a
You can order the "Conversion Disk for Users of Stacker" using the Conversion Disk Offer coupon in the back of your "User's Guide." The cost is $10.00. Unfortunately, Microsoft cannot make this conversion tool available on electronic services.

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