ExeView 2.19

Executable file viewer


ExeView opens and reads .exe, .dll, .vbx, .ocx, .cpl and other executable files.
It extracts header info and files. Files include resources and BMP, ICO graphics.
Specialized in old files, especially WIN31.


  • ExeView 2.19 Beta

    Please ignore virus warnings! These are false positives. 100% clean


  • File information
  • Hashes
  • MS-DOS Stub
  • COFF File Header
  • Optional Header
  • Directory Table
  • Import Table
  • Imported Functions
  • Section Table
  • Export Table
  • Suspicious API's
  • Version
  • Resource Table (automatic extraction)
  • Converts DIB resources to ICO files (experimental)
  • Demangle MSVC C++ symbols
  • Extract ASCII and Inicode Text