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Python2VB converts Python source code into Visual Basic code.
This is a development version so beware of many error messages.

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Keywords Python Vb.Net

Do addition.
' Example
' Do addition.


def main():
    winWidth = 300


Public Sub main()
    winWidth = 300
End Sub


winWidth = 300

Dim winWidth As Integer
winWidth = 300

Below are examples of the conversion:

Before conversion After conversion Vb.Net code
AddEntries AddEntries
AddEntries2 AddEntries2
Addition1 Addition1
Addition2 Addition2
Addition3 Addition3
Addition4 Addition4
Addition5 Addition5
backAndForth0 backAndForth0 backAndForth0
backAndForth1 backAndForth1 backAndForth1
backAndForth2 backAndForth2 backAndForth2
backAndForth3 backAndForth3 backAndForth3
badScope badScope
balloons balloons balloons
bbassign bbassign
birthday_who birthday_who
birthday1 birthday1
birthday2 birthday2
birthday3 birthday3
birthday4 birthday4
birthday5 birthday5
birthday6 birthday6
birthday7 birthday7
boolConfusion boolConfusion
bounce1 bounce1
bounce2 bounce2
bounce3 bounce3
bounce4 bounce4
bounceWhile bounceWhile
chooseButton1 chooseButton1
chooseButton2 chooseButton2
clothes clothes
colors colors
comma1 comma1
comma2 comma2
consentLoop consentLoop
constant constant
cool cool
face face
firstFile firstFile
floatFormat floatFormat
for123 for123
goodScope goodScope
grade1 grade1
greet greet
hello2 hello2
index1 index1
interview interview
interview2 interview2
joinAllStub joinAllStub
lastmouse lastmouse
locationsStub locationsStub
lunch lunch

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