The Microsoft Basic character set includes alphabetic characters (A-Z, a-z),
 numeric characters (0-9 and A-F or a-f for hexadecimal numbers), and
 special characters. Some characters have special meanings in Basic:
Data-Type Suffixes
! Single-precision % Integer # Double-precision & Long-integer $ String
Mathematical Operators Special
* Multiplication symbol ' Comment line (single quote) - Minus sign ; Controls PRINT and INPUT / Division symbol (slash) statement output = Relational operator or , Controls PRINT and INPUT assignment symbol statement output > Greater than : Separates multiple state- + Plus sign ments on a single line . Decimal point ? INPUT statement prompt < Less than _ Line continuation underscore \ Integer division symbol (reserved for (backslash) compatibility with other ^ Exponentiation symbol versions of Basic but not (up arrow or caret) supported by QBasic)