Selecting                             Deleting
    Characters/lines     Shift+Arrow      Cut current line          Ctrl+Y  
    Words           Shift+Ctrl+Arrow      Cut to end of line      Ctrl+Q,Y  
                                          Erase selected text          Del
    Switch to insert/overstrike  Ins     Copying
    Line above           Home,Ctrl+N      To Clipboard            Ctrl+Ins
    Line below             End+Enter  
    From Clipboard         Shift+Ins     Debugging
                                          View output screen            F4  
   Finding                                Continue running              F5  
    Search for text         Ctrl+Q,F      Execute to cursor             F7  
    Repeat find                   F3      Single step                   F8  
                                          Procedure step               F10  
   Getting Help              
    On QBasic Help          Shift+F1
    On keywords or topics         F1