Inserting                            Copying
       Toggle insert/overtype       INS     Selected text     CTRL+INS  
       Line above           HOME CTRL+N
       Line below             END ENTER     Finding
       From clipboard         SHIFT+INS     Selected text       CTRL+\  
                                            Repeat Find             F3
       Characters/lines     SHIFT+ARROW     Debugging
       Words           SHIFT+CTRL+ARROW     View output screen      F4  
                                            Continue                F5
       Deleting                             Execute to cursor       F7
       Current line (save)       CTRL+Y     Toggle breakpoint       F9
       To end of line (save)   CTRL+Q Y     Single step             F8
       Selected text (save)   SHIFT+DEL     Procedure step         F10 
       Selected text (no save)      DEL     Instant Watch     SHIFT+F9