TextEdit 1.01

Text Editor


TextEdit is a Text Editor capable of editing ASCII files.

Supported formats:
  • ASCII files

Editor features:
  • change text
  • save text

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All files stored in a computer are binary; in common parlance, the term usually refers to ASCII files or other plain-text files.

Many binary files are compiled applications, as opposed to source code, that the user can compile manually. These are simply binaries. Again, the distinction is that source code can be understood by humans, whereas binaries cannot.

Plain text is text data stored or transmitted by computers, without any embedded information such as font information, hyperlinks, or inline images. The text is also assumed to have a well-known one-to-one mapping between characters and their binary representation, meaning the text is not compressed or encrypted and does not need any kind of preprocessing to be readable.

Plain text has the MIME type 'text/plain' often with suffixes indicating an encoding. Encodings include Unicode UTF-8, Unicode UTF-16, ISO 8859, and ASCII.